Little Mid-Century Bathroom Renovation

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A small bathroom renovation is still a big job to finish! Read below about how her bath was remodeled by Christine Hart of Christine Marie into a masterpiece with just a bit of assistance from The Home Depot. I’m thrilled to be focusing on my bathroom renovation with a store which my Dad and I.. .
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A bathroom renovation is a job! Read below about how her bare bath was remodeled by Christine Hart of Christine Marie into a masterpiece with a bit of help from The Home Depot.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with a shop on my bathroom renovation which my Dad and I really like to go to our projects for all, The Home Depot! We love visiting The Home Depot since they have a great selection in store and online for all of our job needs. Their selection has a range of products to select from, which I took advantage of! (P.S. they’ve a great indoor houseplant segment, also!) We have everything we needed to furnishes out of tools to begin and complete our bathroom renovation job thanks to The Home Depot!

I am an avid DIYer and I can add my resume and renovater together! ;–RRB- It’s been getting my hands dirty and learning more about the renovation process. One of my hobbies which I like producing and is currently designing .


The Aesthetic and Vision
I love my mid-century, french-inspired studio flat that has been so fun to decorate and transform into the perfect space for me. I needed my place for this to be warm and inviting and to reflect my character. The touch renovated the bare bathroom to tie the entire place together. To integrate the mid-century aesthetic I chose pieces like white subway tile , bronze hardware and the vanity lighting.

Before the Renovation
The bathroom was smaller and also an unfinished project. It did not have distance. Generate a shower, which includes a window to get more lighting and we chose to bring a little addition. The new window was one of my accents! My Mother hand painted the window using Magnolia blossoms to bring a little bit of privacy and colour . Since we extended the shower by a few feet, we were able to incorporate a vanity that is bigger.


The Biggest Transformations
The shower is one of the transformations! The white subway tile and pebble stone floors brightens and adds a modern touch. I put each one on and my Dad taught me the way to set the tile and learned the worth of patience during this process! Adding details that are bronze throughout the bathroom and incorporated bronze faucets from the shower. I picked a shower door that was clear so you can observe the white subway tile. I love using the shower nook and shelves for soap and shampoos. This last result of this shower makes me so happy!


After a design process on we came up my Dad handmade from The Home Depot from supplies! I believe it’s absolutely perfect! After 8 attempts we finally nailed down a stain that complemented the sink’s details. A touch that is modern faucet and bowl advertising . Since the bathroom is smaller I did not need a massive vanity to overcrowd it and that’s where the custom vanity was about!
We added little touches of mid and industrial century to make the vibe of this bathroom. In the porcelain tile floor into the piping cabinets that are floating. Each detail was carefully thought out. For those shelves we used piping from the plumbing department and walnut wood we had left over from the vanity. Having the ability to personalize this bathroom has been an amazing experience.

A Rewarding Experience
Remodeling this bathroom has gotten much more than only a side job because of my Dad and I. It has become a great bonding experience I will always remember. When we lost my world spun around, my Dad had a few incidences. He’s been such a mentor during this project. I could not have accomplished this bathroom renovation without him and he’s been there every step of the way through this process. My Dad is a role model of commitment and hard work and I am quite grateful to have him!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the mid century industrial bathroom before and after! We put in a great deal of commitment, long hours and hard work into minding this undertaking, and I believe that it reveals through each photo! Very thankful for The Home Depot and my Dad for creating my little fantasy bathroom come to life! I hope to inspire you all on your renovation project if the renovator in you’ve inspired and tag me!


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