How does the Higher Education Relief Fund work?

Were student's neglected in the CARES act?

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In the United States most students were not eligible for a $1,200 stimulus check due to them being claimed as dependents – what does this mean if you’re a college student or know someone who is?


The  Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund is already set in place. This is not a proposal so this is real money that college students can get.


As of March 29th even though most college students were neglected with the stimulus check the care act gave a bite of 14.25 billion higher education Relief Fund for college institutions to respond to covid-19 pandemic.


 How does higher education Relief Fund work and how to apply for the funding.



 I want the receipt that funding from the United States Department of Education that’s when they can start dispersing is Grants to students based on their financial needs.


Whenever the school does see the funding they can use 50% of it on the school due to the covid-19 pandemic and the other 50% of funds must be distributed as emergency financial aid to students who had their semester disrupted by this pandemic.


This time the cash must be provided directly to the students. It could be used for anything under the students, such as attending food housing course materials technology Healthcare and childcare the fund also stated that colleges are not allowed to take the students portion as a reimbursement.



To reimburse you for the semester is room and board the college cannot take since they reimburse.


Where this gets a little messy isn’t those institutions or the one that is responsible for Distributing the emergency funds to students and they must have been at their own process and priorities for dispersing this fund to the students.



 Some colleges may be faster than others so just be on the lookout on your College’s homepage.


As of April 21st at the Department of Education it did provide clarification on how colleges can disperse these funds, the information is out there or basically you are just waiting on the colleges to figure out what to do with this money.


 I’ll give you a few examples from colleges that have started to see Ohio State and Central Florida requiring students to fill out a form to receive the aid so here’s a form from USC. 



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