How to earn Ethereum while doing simple and fun task

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With the growing popularity of cryptos, everyone wants to get hold of some. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to afford an ETH. Luckily, we can find different services that allow us to get some Ethereum coins for free. Of course, we must first complete some tasks in the app or website of the owner of the cryptocurrencies, which are not very difficult to perform. Don’t expect to earn large amounts of Ether for just these little “jobs.” as the task you are required to do would not take too much effort. 

Ethereum is the second most valued cryptocurrency according to market capitalization, but also in daily trading volume and use, therefore there are many methods out there to get some free ETH. But keep the following in mind, while there are many different ways to get Ethereum for free, there are sites that seek to scam users, so you have to be very careful with them.


I’m not going around, the shortest answer is yes. But as I mentioned before, don’t expect these ETH to show up in our wallet instantly and without delivering something of value in return like our time. This involves doing some kind of task such as filling out a form or clicking a button. You have to understand that the Ethereum obtained can be exchanged for any type of fiat currency, such as dollars, euros, etc. Therefore, you have to understand that the people who offer cryptocurrencies expect to get something in return as well. 

A few years ago it was possible to obtain free ETH through airdrops, however, today it is quite difficult to continue obtaining free coins through this medium, although it is an achievable goal if we look for the correct activities. 


But the fact that some ways to get free coins have disappeared does not mean that there are no alternatives since new ones have been developed at the same time. As I have said before, all of these have one thing in common, we must do some kind of homework before we get our Ethereum.


If we think about it, there is no such thing as gifts. But at least we can get these rewards with minimal effort. This means that we will not become a millionaire, but we can get something to buy some things or start investing. It must be said that I will not leave concrete examples for the simple reason that every day they disappear and new ones appear. The best thing is that knowing the different methods they can find the one they like the most and which sites pay the most today. Let’s see some ways to do it:


A faucet or tap is a simple way for users to get some crypto. The coins in these models are awarded to the user every x time. For example, in most cases, the free tokens are delivered once a day to each wallet or IP. Most of these faucets require the user to solve a captcha to determine if they are real users or people. Also, the great thing about these sites is that you don’t need much more than to enter your wallet and wait for the deposit. 


In this option, we will be able to obtain the coins by mining using a website or an app. We lend our computer or mobile phone in exchange for some ETH. After registration, we are asked to click a button and mining begins. While the task is being carried out, we must not close the website or the app, otherwise, we will stop mining and earning ETH. In this activity, we must bear in mind that although we do not lend our time, we do so with our resources, such as the computer or the mobile phone. 


Surely you have seen some type of ad in which a service is advertised in which if we complete a survey they pay us with money. Anyone can fill it out. This service is carried out by large corporations seeking to better understand their customers and the market. This concept has been extrapolated to cryptocurrencies, and as a result, instead of paying us with fiat money, they do it with Ethereum. Surveys usually take no more than a few minutes in most cases, and in return, we are paid with Ether. 



This is the most fun way to earn Ethers, although don’t expect to do it by playing Fortnite! The vast majority of games available are very similar to what you would find in a casino, such as slot machines, card games, etc. To get cryptocurrencies it is necessary to win in those games. If you like these types of games, this way of earning free ETH may be for you. 


Affiliate programs are those that compensate people for selling a product or service to new users. If they can attract new customers through you, you can get great rewards that are usually determined by a percentage. Some wallets and exchanges like LUNO offer some Ethereum if we can get a user to buy or sell Ethereum on their platform. The good thing is that in this case the free Ether is given to us and also to our referral. 

We have seen many methods so far on how to earn free cryptocurrencies, but some of them are usually much better for this goal. So let’s go over a list of the best options to get our Ether. 

Note: The following have already stopped working or have become a scam: 


Those that are still working today: 

This is a site that offers surveys and CPAs to be able to earn cryptocurrencies. We are offered a series of offers that we can select and obtain payment for. Each offer depends on the country in which we are going to offer it, once we select we must copy a link, that if we share it with other people they will pay us for it. What we win depends a lot on the offer we have chosen. Since it is a method of charging per share, we will be paid for each share that you buy. These are sent out weekly and there are over 3,500 offers to select from.

Speedy ETH

This is a relatively new faucet that claims to pay ETH in the form of GWEI every minute. With it, you can earn up to 23 GWEI every minute with an additional 70 more if someone visits your link. This faucet is part of, a network of faucets, and our Ethers are paid directly to your Faucehub. There is evidence of user payments for this service.

As you can see, the methods that exist do not pay large amounts, but it may be enough for someone who just wants to experiment with cryptocurrencies. For all these methods you need to spend some time completing the tasks. You can increase the chances of winning Ethereum if you combine several of them.


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