Exterior Update: Establishing Instant Rusted Patina

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I purchased a brand new Corten Steel planter for the front of my residence. It is. I gave it a DIY rust accelerating treatment which created a lovely patina that is rusted in a few hours and didn’t want to wait around for this to happen.
In my previous home, I was able to remove rust from outside metal since it didn’t go with my suburban, classic brick colonial home.
Since they go with the house and setting, After we moved to Lake Murray on a lot with towering pines around us, I started seeking more finishes.

We are not prepared for any upgrades to the outside, but have been performing smaller, budget friendly, DIY jobs bring out the contemporary vibe of the house and roof line and to upgrade the facade.
Over the last two decades, we have removed a lot of shrubs, painted all of the outside doors to look like stained wood grain, had the previous green color of the house painted with Glidden Exterior Primer and Paint in the color Khaki Beige, and added a stained timber slat wall to front.
These upgrades have made a huge difference, but I have 3 small items to add to the front.
One is a tall planter for the far side of the door. The place had something to balance the rust brown color.

I ordered it and found this one, when browsing for a modern-style planter online. It was a little pricy, since it was a perfect match that will last a lengthy time but I went for it. It is a Veradek Metallic Collection Pedestal Corten Steel Pot Planter.
I purchased a boxwood to go in it and also knew I do not have a green thumb. The metal planter is insulated and does have drainage so if I do plant something real in it, it will be ready.
What’s Corten Steel?
To rust the steel is permitted in simple terms and that rust creates a coating that slows the rate of corrosion.
Verdek Corten Steel planters are sent within their steel country, gradually creating a rust patina finish over time. Mine began to oxidize after just a few days, however I could not wait and sped-up the process.
How Long Does Corten Steel Require to Rust?
H x 13.5? D Size
It took a few hours for the steel to start taking on a rusted patina once I started spraying on coatings of a DIY rust mixture to the metal.
Corten Steel rusting process.I made the mix following the directions from Veradek (video below) and sprayed it on the metallic surface every hour before I liked the look.

In the beginning the color was bright crimson, but with every added coat of the rust mixture that was hastening, the color got darker. :–RRB-
This finish lasts. Corten, if left alone, should stay in that condition with change will take to achieve its summit patina.


The DIY and fast way to rust metal purpose is to make a mix in a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide white vinegar, and salt.

The mix on the metallic surface several times, allowing it to dry between coats and your metal will take on a patina almost instantly.


This color was after I applied 4 coats.

In total, I implemented 6 coats to get the heavy rich brown and rusty colors.
Can I Seal Corten Steel?
It’s possible to seal metal to stop further rust and sealing will even stop rust stains from getting about your hands or it on surfaces.
Corten steel can be sealed with polyurethane or a product named Everbrite, for a more durable finish. The finish will be like rust sprayed with oil or water, although darker after applying than rust.

The Way to Remove From Concrete
I placed the planter so the run-off would not get on the drive. It transferred to the side of the garage, After I finish it and some rust did transfer. In the directions, it did. To remove it, Here’s What I did:
Pour vinegar (or lemon juice for hard to remove stains) on the stains. Let it sit for several minutes before scrubbing it. Rinse away the rust with some water and then repeat for difficult stains.


I really like the way the finish that is rusted came out. I am also quite happy with how the boxwood seems.

It is getting too cold to do anymore of my planned smaller jobs this year, but I did finish the one week. I shall share that with you shortly.
My outside DIY job will have to wait until spring.


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