What type of visa card is right for you?

Analyze the several types of card Visa is offering.

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What Kind of a Visa Card is Good to Start With?


Depending on your credit, there are different kinds of Visa cards that you should get.  


First, figure out which category of a credit card user that you are.


–  First time credit card user (you’ve never had a credit card before)



–  Bad credit but have had credit cards before (you need to get a card that will allow you to use it while starting to build your credit back so that you can get bigger and better credit cards after you’ve used this one for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, depending on how “bad” your credit is)


-You have good credit and have had other credit cards in the past


So the question is, which one of these three categories do you fall into?  



– First time users with “no credit”


If you are a first time credit card user then you should look for a credit card with a small limit but it is unsecured.  Usually There are Visa cards that will give you a $300 or $500 credit limit for people with “no credit”.  That’s you.  You want to look for one that is low fees for the first year but is basically called like a “starter” credit card.You buy stuff on it every month and then pay it off with your checking account and Voila, within 6 months or so you can apply for another credit card that will have all kinds of benefits.  When you get to that point, do a search on google for “best credit card deals” and look at review sites like nerdwallet and bank rate to find one with great benefits, great points offers for signing up and no fees for the first year. (And a much bigger credit limit!)


– Users with “Bad Credit” but have a credit history.


You will want to find a unsecured credit card that is WITH A BANK for people with bad credit.  That way they will be tracking your payments. You want to start a history now of buying and paying off this card while you are sending mail to the credit bureaus to try to improve your credit over the next six months.  After you do that, then you apply for an unsecured credit card.



This is the only way to start building your credit back up.  Then, in 6 months you will go apply for a second tier card that takes people with “ok” credit, like a Capital One type credit card.  Then you do that for 6 months and then when your credit has been cleaned up and building, then you go to nerd wallet and review sites like that to get a higher limit credit card with great points and benefits.


– You have good or “OK” credit and have had other credit cards in the past


You want to go straight to the sites like nerd wallet or bank rate and find some deals of cards that will give you great points offers just for signing up and always look for one that is with a big bank like chase or one of those they tend to have the best deals.  I would also highly recommend an offer of a card that has 0% APR for the first year and no fees for the first year.



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