Interior Style: Why is Sheesham Wood best for your Furniture

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Are you wondering that why is Sheesham wood best for your furniture? Do you know that sheesha wood is obtained from various trees such as Dalbergia Sheesham tree, Indian Rosewood Tree, Penny leaf tree, and many more? Sheesham tree mostly grows in India and the Sub-Himalayan region. Sheesham tree is most durable and pliable and thus, a great option for making long-lasting furniture in any design you prefer. The beds of Sheesham stay longer than the beds of any other wood.

Another interesting feature about the Sheesham wood is that it is also classified as hardwood.  To know more about the Sheesham wood let’s look at the features of this wood.

Salient Features of the Sheesham Wood

The salient features of the Sheesham woods are listed below in different categories.


· Appearance

The Sheesham hardwood varies in colors from deep radish brown to golden. It consists of natural wood-marking that are visible as dark streaks with consisting interlock grains. Sheesham woods are extremely tough and durable at the time of making the furniture from it.

· Workability

Sheesham woods work with all kind of furnishing, machinery, and glues. It is always preferred and in high demand for making furniture especially beds. Sheesham wood is being popularly used for wood carvings due to its pliability.


· Durability

Sheesham hardwood is extremely resistant to dry wood termites. It does not wrap or slip due to the hard texture and toughness of this wood and it makes the perfect choice for making cabinets.


Comparing Sheesham wood with other types of woods

  1. Sheesham wood is the best wood for your furniture not just for its resistance, durability, and easy-care solution but due to the feature of its low price budget as compared to teak wood or solid wood. If you compare the price of the beds made up of Sheesham wood to any other wooden bed then you’ll take no time to go for Sheesham beds only.
  2. In addition, Sheesham wood does not require any extra expenses for maintenance as it is highly cost-efficient. Sheesham hardwood is less cumbersome when compared to the annual charges of maintenance that are required for the furniture made out of other types of wood.
  3. Sheesham woods are proven best for any furniture with room décor style. It is the popular choice of many interior decorators and homeowners as well. Sheesham furniture is resistant to wear and tear in case if you have pets or younger kids at home.
  4. Sheesham wood is highly flexible to make furniture and provides all kinds of finishes to your furniture. It renders luster and a smooth finish to create anything out of it.

How to maintain good care of Sheesham wood furniture?

After installing the furniture made by Sheesham wood, you must take certain measures to maintain your Sheesham wood furniture in good condition over years.

  • Polish your Sheesham furniture at frequent time intervals to maintain its appeal, look, and finish.
  • Regular dust your Sheesham wood bed and other furniture to prevent dirt from settling on it.
  • Do not keep it under the sunlight or in proximity to the fireplace.


Once you know all the benefits of Sheesham wood you will surely forget all the other types of wood for your furniture. If you want to have a set of uniquely designed furniture for your home then just go for Sheesham wood that provides you the sturdy feel at home with saving your extra money.


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