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If you are looking for gift ideas for the techy in the family then you’d like to look at the following items.

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An Apple pencil is an outstanding tool that I actually didn’t think that I would use but now that I have one I can’t go back. There are two versions of the apple pencil, so make sure that you get the one that matches their device.


A great gift idea for the tech guy to go; if they’re like me they can never have too much power. Whenever I plan to do any type of work remotely, I always have a power bank with me. It’s also a great option if you go camping or on Long hikes. Power Banks come in all different shapes sizes and milliampere-hour capacity descriptions to a few of my favorites. The basic rule of thumb is the larger the number the more power the power bank offers. 


Moving on to the next gift idea, a lot of us need a way to keep all these accessories together and that’s for a tech organizer can be extremely helpful.



I’ll show you a couple of options here. The first is a native still organizer. 

Really well-made has multiple pockets and then Loops for cable to charge her headphones and even a stylist. If they already have a tablet that I would highly recommend the time toggle padfolio two-in-one protective case and Tech back. There’s a dedicated protective compartment for the tablet and another compartment with a lot of elastic straps so they can organize and secure their various items. 


The next gift idea is if your guy likes to film action sports or other Outdoors activities then they might really like an action cam. Sure you can use your phone for some things but action cams like the GoPro Hero DJI osmo action or the insta360 are much better suited for the job.



You get a more rugged camera, better image stabilization, more memory, plenty of mounting options, and would something like the insisted you want are you get a modular camera that can be transformed from an action camera to a wide-angle camera, to a 360 camera. 


Know whether your Tech guy wants to use an action camera, a mirrorless camera, or a DSLR. You’re going to want a good try, but there are a lot of great options. Right now my favorite is a mantis pod Pro from Logitech. It’s very well-made and has excellent security features to protect your camera. It has extremely versatile mounting and handling options.


 Another excellent gift idea for the techy on the go is a USB C Hub. This expands a single port on a mobile device and has a lot of Versatility. Anything from attaching an external display to wired headphones and external SSD and also getting ones with SD and microSD card slots, so that we can easily transfer images and videos.




If your guy already has all these things that you may want to look at a new tech bag.

 I love Tech and camera bags. I have way too many of them and I’m always looking for a new one.


I have a couple of great options here at the peak design. Add a backpack and the one from pgytech both can be customized and reconfigured for different types. They offer plenty of protection and various ways to access your gear on the go 



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