Tips to Towels and Refreshing Bedding in Your Home

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Finding bath fabrics and new bedding can be an enjoyable task. Leslie Saeta from My 100 year-old Home was able to take advantage of bath product offerings and Home Depot’s bedding to refresh her area. Finding bedding and bath towels which you love is an overwhelming task. Imagine what it is like once you…
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Locating bathroom fabrics and new bedding can be an enjoyable endeavor. Leslie Saeta from My 100 year-old Home managed to take advantage of the bedding and bath product offerings of Home Depot to refresh her area.

Locating bathroom and bedding towels that you love is an overwhelming task. Imagine what it’s like when you want to purchase twenty sets of sheets for a single home and thirty sets of towels.
We just finished remodeling a home and are currently renting it out as an Airbnb. I was shocked to discover our three bedroom short term lease needed twenty sets of sheets and thirty sets of towels. Plus, we had 15 bathroom rugs ten pads, 27 pillow protectors, ten comforters and more.

Not only was I in shock with the volume. I became overwhelmed with the dilemma of finding the merchandise that could withstand a good deal of laundering at a reasonable price.


It was simple.
How to Shop for Towels and Sheets Online
My shop for supplies for our remodel, the Home Depot, has an extensive offering of home decor on their website. And their rates are amazing. I went online and did some shopping that was intensive. I read reviews and also the initial product I selected was the Home Decorators Plush Soft Cotton Towel Set in White.
I shopped for bedding. I did the shopping, yet this time that I spent a lot more time exploring thread counts . Thread count refers to the amount of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch, if you are not knowledgeable about the specifics. Normally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. And the more likely it will wear well or perhaps soften over time. Although you see numbers over 1,000, quality sheets vary in thread count anywhere from 200 to 800. I picked the Home Decorators Collection 400 Thread Count Performance Cotton Sateen 4-Piece Queen Sheet Set in White and then decided to go with the cotton 400 thread count sheet.
I chose to perform a trial arrangement because I had to purchase very large amounts of towels and sheets. I ordered one set up towels and sheets to”live with them for a week and a few washings”. I washed the towels and sheets four times and they were just like they were when I got them. Success!

I put the big order of thirty two sets of towels and twenty sets of sheets. The towels were also sold in a group of six that allowed me to purchase them for a much lower cost.
Personalizing the Towels


I love to bring a bit of imagination in our home. I developed a logo for our Airbnb and had the tub towels .

I hope these get used a lot in our short term rental.
More Things for Your Bedroom and Bath


I also ordered bed and bath items. I selected StyleWell Medium Weight Down Alternative Cotton White Full/Queen Comforters for every bed, The Company Store Madelyn Matelasse White Cotton King Bed Skirts, Evolon Zippered Allergy Pillow Protectors, Home Decorators Collection Ultimate Comfort Mattress Pads and the cutest Jaquard Bath Rug White Cotton Bath Rugs by Better Trends. Obviously, every one these items had to be arranged in quantities that are massive .

Now that I’ve remained in our Airbnb, I will tell you these tub and bedding items from The Home Depot are the best. The towels were liked by me so much that I ordered six sets of towels to our home in California.
This is the time of year to refresh your towels and sheets. If you’re only ordering small amounts!


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