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Government Assistance Programs that will help you get through winter.

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Do you know of anyone who is struggling to make ends meet? Millions of American households have been rocked due to Covid-19. The Federal government has taken notice and has activated several assistance programs for those in need.


Where can we find information about these programs, and how can we determine if we qualify for them?


From electricity, gas, and heating and cooling systems these bills can start adding up specially when money is short to come by.



Unemployment benefits take this into consideration to make you bounce back up to your feet.

Winter is already here, and you need to determine how to keep your family warm during the season without breaking the bank. If this sounds like something that keeps you up at night then I suggest you start by researching programs like the low-income home assistance program.


This program was created with you in mind. Making sure that our communities don’t suffer during the coldest of times.



If your heating and cooling system is acting up and needs maintenance or repair, there are programs in place to make sure that you can access the help that you need. You can find this through the Home Repair Resource Center and make sure that your home is ready to tackle winter confidently.


If your home doesn’t meet the requirements that you need to go through winter, then may we suggest looking into the Weatherization Assistance Program  that will help you cover those necessary bills. It is focused on improving the level of energy efficiency of your home. This has been an ongoing and existing program for more than 4 decades. If you haven’t heard about it, it is time for you to get informed.



If you are unemployed and are currently going to job interviews but are having a hard time keeping your phone line activated. Looking into programs that can offer you a phone line to make sure you get the call for your next big break is key to getting back on your feet. Lifeline is a government created assistance program that will be easy to get specially if you already have food stamps or unemployed benefits.


Don’t fall asleep and wait until the last minute to get the help you need. The earliest you can apply and see if you qualify, the better it will be. Find the help you need today, and get back to focusing on how to get back on your feet without having to stress or worry about those pesky monthly utility bills.


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