How to choose the best front door color for your house?

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Choosing the color for the front door for your house can be a very challenging and careful task to do. It’s a quick way to enhance the view of your house which is the first eye-catching thing for the viewer. Good color can give a very beautiful exterior.


Your front door color is always the first impression for your guests and visitors. Certainly, the door color needs not to be the same as the color of your house. Your color choice can give away more than you realize about your interior décor choices or even tell about the type of person you are.


Unlike the paint you choose for the interior of your house, picking a color for the front door is a very important task to do. You must choose the color you love and provide a unique look to your house. So choosing an outstanding color for a front door should be given a little consideration.


Choosing a Front Door Color

The colour of the front door decides the overall look of your house and you must consider few below listed things before reaching to the decision.

 Initial Considerations

Before you start deciding over the color for the front door, there are a few things you should consider to help you choose the best color for your door.

  • Sometimes, the communities decide the door colors of your front door. Choose the colour that makes your house look compatible and beautiful throughout the neighborhood.
  • The next step is to consider while choosing the front door paint colour is the home’s exterior which can look perfect with the color of the front door.
  • If you have a dark porch that lacks natural light, you must then go for the light and bright colors.
  • Light color is usually best if the surrounding of your door is dark, and a dark or bright color is usually best when the surrounding are in white or a light color.
  • You should not paint the house exterior wall and the front door with the same color.
  • The front entry should serve as a welcoming gesture to great the guest. Although you can paint it in whichever color you want.

Must follow tips while choosing the best front door color-


  • Purchasing the right paint


Since the front door includes the exterior part of your home. It would be great to use proper paint to prevent peeling and fading earlier than the time. Latex exterior paints serve as the weather-resistant coverage. The metallic door should get rust protection and the exterior primer first and then opt for a semi-gloss paint.



  • Speak to your home’s style


The overall style of your home can help you pick up a front door color. Using different colors among the common ones can add personality and liven up your house.


  • Consider your surrounding



If you get confused or unable to choose one color for your door, you can choose your natural surrounding for inspiration. Using natural color adds a bonus in making your home look like a landscape.


  • Make Monochrome


If you have a small house then making monochrome will be a great idea which means making varying tones of one color. Expand your home by painting the door, window frames, and exterior with the same color. The monochromatic color scheme provides a neutral backdrop for tuff to shine. Use color to highlight other architectural details.



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