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Graceful furniture with having beautiful marble surfaces adds beauty and spectacle to your home. You can find it amazing, detached bars with a brass rail and a marble top, and a magnificent square cocktail table with graceful marble characteristics and emphasis tables with a marble top which will make a distinct statement.

But, it is necessary to know that while you anticipate that your marble furniture is to last then it’s essential to take proper care of it. When you buy a piece of beautiful marble furniture then be sure that it can be easily spotted by oils or liquids and It also mangled if you use the wrong cleaners.


Marble is made up of mixed-stone substances with almost great color choices, open up a chance to include new shades to your house maintaining a nominal, classic look. Marble is a natural stone and soft which means it is tender to damage and daily scrape and shred. But not worry we are giving you some simple dos and don’ts taking care of marble furniture easily.

Do’s and don’ts for marble furniture care



  • Always use an aircraft carrier under the glasses and a holder under hot bowls or kitchenware
  • Always smudge or clean upset speedily to prevent permanent damages.
  • Always wipe the dust from the surface immediately.
  • Always clean the top of the surface with neutral marble cleaners.
  • Clean the surface over your marble furniture daily. Grab a warm, damp cloth and wipe it up quickly. Even if you can do it by using just water. This will helps to prevent the marble from any staining and discoloration.
  • Use holders and plate mates. The glasses, mugs, and hot plates should be placed on the aircraft’s carriers. So, that it can’t leave any unwanted stains on the surface of your new marble table.
  • Clean up leakages frequently. Wiping up any leakages right away will avert any staining. So, that your marble furniture looks beautiful for longer.



  • Do not use a polishing cleaner like a dry or soft cleaner.
  • Do not use any grinding or acidic cleaners like bleach, ammonia, vinegar, or bathroom cleansers.
  • Do notblend up ammonia and bleach, because it can result in toxic smoke.
  • Do notforget to emulate the directions on your marble cleaners.
  • Use coarse-grained cleaners. Which includes cleaners that contain acid, such as vinegar and lemon juice. The Best thing is to use a mild detergent or a soap-less cleanser to protect your marble furniture.
  • Don’t use any scrubbing products. Scouring products or cleansers are coarse and scratches the surface of the marble and damage the surface and finish of the piece.
  • According to Michael O’Connor, all the furniture is purchased carefully from top brands from Britain and Europe. They had a huge range of marble tables that would be perfect for your house.

Marble Furniture at Home Living Furniture



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