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An eco-friendly house is an environmentally low-impact home that is designed and built by using such technology and material that lowers the energy needs and also reduces the carbon footprints. As the world is facing global warming and climate change issues many people are supporting the creation of sustainable space that is environmentally more ecological, sensitive, less harmful, and less polluting. It is also known as green homes. Today, this concept has gained popularity globally. Here is everything you need to know about eco-friendly homes.


These homes with their self-sustaining system and natural sources of energy have taken the eco-friendly to sky heights. These homes are made of completely recycled and natural materials with also heating the home naturally. The energy in these houses is created from different sources such as solar and windpipes with solar panels and small-scale windmills. In addition, the food is being produced in or around the house and the water is also harvested from nearby rivers and rains or by the stream that flows through.

Rammed Earth

The walls of the rammed earth are built by entirely tight-packed soil that creates well- protected, well insulated, and low-cost home. The fused soil of these homes provide a smooth rock design to the walls of this kind of homes and provide a modern eco-friendly feel.



The prefabricated houses are almost like a piece of Ikea furniture. These houses are built off-site and transport to the ready-made plots. These houses come in luxury design with eco-friendly features such as solar panels. However, they are far cheaper than other eco-friendly houses in the markets.

Zero Carbon

The zero-carbon houses are the houses that have no carbon emissions. They have such eco-efficiency that helps to keep no carbon footprint behind. These houses are equipped with the newest technology of eco-friendly that generates all the energy from its sustainable resources. Lots of people have turned their homes into zero carbon by investing in solar panels.


Earth Sheltered House

If you’re looking for something close to a cave so this is possible for you now. The earth-sheltered houses are built into the side of the land and most often to the hills where the earth provides all its insulation to the house.  These types of homes are quiet and warm and provide thick-out layered soil. You can build your home completely underground or simply create piles of earth that are built up around and against the walls. You even don’t have to worry about the winter freezing or drying, and the cracking in summer as the earth shelter house are built by using three meters of soil that are deeper than the temperature change can reach in the ground.

Moreover, they are tightly sealed and rain will also not seep through this house.


Air Tight House

The air-tight house can maximize insulation in the home with its triple glazed windows, detailed sealed floors and walls, and heavy doors. This will ensure that the draught does not travel through your house. You can also save your energy bills by retaining the warmth of these houses and also save the environment by using less energy.


You can look into the possibility of installing a small light meter or can invest in energy-efficient light bulbs. By installing a solar panel at your home you can easily make your home eco-friendly. Pick water-based paints and the double glazed windows can also ensure you live in an eco-friendly house.


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