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Are you confused about choosing the best wood furniture for your home or other space? We are here to help you to decide better about the best wood furniture for your home style. Buying the furniture of solid wood is an investment that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. There are too many different types of wood available. Our helpful guide will provide you the best ways, benefits, characteristics, appearance for different wood types for furniture so that you can shop your woods for the best-in-class furniture with confidence. Let’s explore the different types of woods listed further.


 The color of walnut woods varies from dark brown to white and these woods are commonly known for their large burls. Walnuts are strong, hard, and durable for the furniture. It holds and carves its shape well for years. This wood is perfect for ornate furniture that needs a hard level of craftsmanship. This wood is ideal for the furniture you require to stay in your family for a generation as well as it is a piece of investment.


Maple is one of the hardest types of wood for furniture. It is often used for making heavy items like dining sets, dressers, etc. Maple is more affordable than other hardwoods and the durability of this wood makes it ideal for young families.



Mahagony is such a durable hardwood that is often used for an intricate piece of furniture. The larger size of this tree helps in producing large boards of wood. This makes the mahogany wood perfect for focal point furniture. Mahagony adds warmth to your rooms and has a timeless look and can be used by the last generation if handle with proper care.


Birch is an extremely durable and strong hardwood that grows abundantly in North America. It looks beautiful in appearance and the blond color makes it a modern type of wood that is often used for making modern furniture. It provides clean-line grains and an elegant look that complements the simplistic interior furniture.



Oak is one of the long-lasting and durable types of wood but, due to the slow growth of the tree, these woods are extremely dense. The Oakwood adapts a variety of finishes and is ideal for both traditional and modern furniture. The color ranges of Oakwoods are from pinkish red to light brown with a striped or swirling grain.


Bamboo woods are commonly known for their beautiful blond color and eco-friendly nature. These woods are a type of grass that are strong enough than hardwoods.  They are uses 10 times faster than hardwoods due to their rapid growth. Bamboos also resist shrinking and swelling.



Pine is the most popular wood with its farmhouse and rustic design that is used widely for wooden furniture. Pine is an inexpensive wood. Though, it is a good option for those who aren’t quite ready for investing in other types of woods. The pine paints well and is often used for the furniture of kid’s rooms.


Whenever you are going to choose a wood for your furniture try to check its weight. As hardwood is heavier than softwoods and picked up easily for the large-sized and structural furniture. You can also prefer any one from the above mention woods for your home furniture.


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