Best Kitchen Tops for your Next Remodel

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There are plenty of options available within the marketplace for kitchen countertops. Each material has its positive and negative aspects, for instance, some are very strong while others are more susceptible to stains, and a few materials cost tons quite others.

On the other side, the kitchen countertop is additionally the foremost demanding surface in your home. It is in touch with an honest amount of chopping, spills, stains, and heat. A perfect countertop should be ready to take off these alongside looking aesthetically appealing.

Granite top with sink

For quite a while, granite was the favorite trend as a countertop material when there have been no cost issues to think about. Granite defines elegance during a kitchen, and even the modest kitchens appear to be a luxury space.

Generally, granite has been an upscale material, but its cost decreased as supplies have increased, and engineered stones became more common.

Marble kitchen countertops

Another natural stone that’s commonly used as kitchen countertops is a marble. Since no two sheets of marble are equivalent, each marble countertop is exclusive. However, thanks to its extremely high tag, marble isn’t often seen in most kitchens.


Contrarily, its luxurious look is restricted to use on an island or a neighborhood of countertop reserved as a baking center. Although highly prized, marble adds land value to a house and maybe a highly temperamental stone compared to granite.


Soapstone is another natural stone that’s usually dark gray with a smooth and silky feel. There is seen a recent surge as an alternate to granite. Furthermore, soapstone is common in historic homes, but you’ll also find it in modern homes as both a countertop and sink material. Over time, soapstone takes an antique design structure that will be very attractive in specific kitchen styles.

In contrast, the architectural soapstones used as countertops are quite hard and immune to stain. Although it’s likely to be scratched over time, this contributes to the stone’s antique feel


Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tile is durable and straightforward to wash. However, it’s also considerably less costly than natural stone countertops. Recent innovations in porcelain tiles offer more designs than ever before, including tiles that appear as if wood, marble, or maybe leather.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles offer far more customization options than the other countertop material available. However, custom tiles are often expensive and should crack under impact.

White laminate kitchen

Laminate countertops are plastic-coated synthetics with a smooth surface. they’re made by bonding the laminate sheet to a particleboard core. Furthermore, laminate countertops are often purchases as pre-formed segments or custom fabricated.

Although laminate countertops are ordinary, they need to see a surge in popularity. A special thanks to thousands of colors, patterns, and designs. Moreover, laminates are the most popular designs in retro.


Solid Surface Material

Solid-surface material is an engineered kitchen countertop material with a mix of acrylic particles and resins, pressed into sheets and other shapes. On the other note, these kitchen countertops and sinks are around for quite 50 years, and at an equivalent time, they’re an older alternative to natural stones.


Kitchen countertops play a demanding role because of the site of all food preparation. So it’s expected to be durable, beautiful, and economical. With numerous options available, it’s no wonder choosing the simplest countertop material is difficult.

Finally, the choice you select for your kitchen countertop should be what’s best for you and your budget, whether classic granite or the more economical laminate


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