Choosing the Best Living Room Rugs

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Your living room can’t be complete without having a rug in it. As there are too many options in the market, finding the perfect rug is more difficult. It is like trying to solve a puzzle. The rugs can break or make your room depends on your choice. If you have a good rug, it will help to bring warmth to any space, define different zones and make you feel cold underfoot.  The rug can be a supporting element in your larger space and it works with the palette you already have in your place.

Choosing the perfect rug for your home can be challenging. We are here to help you out with some best ideas to choose the perfect rug for any space according to your preferences.

Sing a Rainbow

If you embrace trends and colors then replacing your older rug is a great idea to freshen up your space and give it a completely new look. You can add new hot colors to your style such as, red, pink, and earthy shades that play well with navy, teal, or mustard in contrast. We would also like to recommed you a real pop of colors such as faded indigo, peachy terracotta, or soft mauve.


What Lies Beneath

The rug is the base of your living room’s flooring and adding some colors to it. You can choose warmer rug shades, and warmer toned timbers will work far much better. While, modern light timber will look great with navy, white, or grey rugs.

Love Thy Neighbour

If you live in an apartment complexity, then rugs can be a great sound insulator such as in a busy area like a living room. A strategically placed rug will stop and absorb the hearing sound of every move you make to your neighbors by soaking up some of their noise too.


Size Matters

Choosing a small rug isn’t a smart move. A bigger rug can make a difference between pulling your space altogether. You must go bigger every time and let the room orientation be your guide at the time you decide the which way you have the rug running. It will be best to place the rug length-wise.

It’s Not Always Black and White

Don’t choose black or too white rugs for your living space. Whereas, choosing a colored rug is completely a perfect and personal preference. However, try to avoid purely white or black rugs for the high traffic areas. If you’ve young ones or pets at home, then to spend more time on rugs and less time on cleaning them, you need to buy colored rugs only. These rugs will also add super glam in other quieter areas.


Use one or few

There is no rule to limit yourself while choosing or buying rugs. Many designers often use multiple rugs for the larger areas to define the areas differently. So, you can make more choices for your living room.


As there are lots of available variety in shapes, sizes, colors, materials, design, and pattern of rugs but, many of them are too expensive due to the large-scale item it will have the directly effect that how your room looks and feels. However, choosing one can be intimidating. Go for the right rug that will suit your area and your personal preferences.


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