Some Useful Tips to Maintain a Healthy Home

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Do you think the home you clean regularly is hygienic and free from germs all around? Cleaning and maintaining a healthy home is a part of life especially in this crucial time of the COVID 19 pandemic and SARS-CoV-2 because of the virus of the COVID-19 lives on the surface of your home for days.

However, it is easy to get rid of these viruses and other bacterias with some cleaning procedures and basic disinfectants. We have mentioned some of the common trouble spots around your home and some solutions for maintaining a healthy home and environment.

How to Clean a Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used space and it is mostly attracted by bacteria, viruses, and other living organisms. Therefore it is essential to maintain your kitchen for a healthy life. You have to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before you touch anything in the kitchen. You must need to wipe down all the kitchen surfaces and should wash all the dishes and silverware before and after using them.

Sponges & Dish Towels

The sponges and towels can carry lots of molds and germs with foodborne pathogens if they are not stored and cleaned properly. So, it is important to place the sponge in the dishwasher in a high temperature and drying cycle by putting it after wetting in the microwave for 1-2 minutes only. whereas, in the case of dish towels you should wash them regularly with the machine temperature setting to hot.



Keep all the surfaces sanitize and clean after cooking this step will best eliminate many food bacteria that are the common cause of diarrhea. Moreover, there are many household pests available in the kitchen as well as countertops that carry several pathogens and can also trigger asthma and allergy in some people.

You can use bleach with chlorine to wipe the countertops or can sanitize them with bleach after wiping them down with soap and water.

Keep a lid on dishes and utensils immediately after storing and eating food in tightly sealed containers can work.


In the Bedroom

The bed carries lots of dust particles, mites, and they can produce waste and lay eggs as well. Your tickled hair, pollen, fungi, and dead skins are also present in the bed by which you can get an allergen-filled combination and many diseases also.

You should use zipped plastic pillows and mattresses. Try to wash all beddings in hot water to kill dust mites once a week. Vacuuming uncovered mattresses regularly can help you out.


Floor & Ceilings

Mold mostly thrives on the bathroom floors and creates several health problems from itchy watery eyes to asthma attacks. The danger lurking, fungi, ringworm, and athlete’s foot in the floor of the house and thoroughly in the bathroom can be passed from one person’s foot to the other via flooring.

You should use various disinfectants that are designed to kill fungus and mold on the floors. Try to wipe the tub and shower walls after taking bath or shower. Throw your solid tissues away should be the best measure to prevent harmful diseases and to maintain a healthy life.


We take a lot of conveniences for granted and some of them can bring harmful germs, chemicals, and other health risks into the home. Take a few extra precautions and steps to keep and maintain your home safe and healthy.


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