Ramping the Comfy Cozy Up

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Refreshing a bedroom feel right at home starting with a comfy cozy bed, bedding and thoughtful touches that are little.
Four years back this month we moved to our home. It was the best decision as we love where we live and enjoy every inch of the 1970’s home that I have been updating and making over space to make each one to match my decorating design.
For the vacations I did want to make one change, although I am very delighted with the decorating transformation of every area.

Our home has 3 bedrooms and since Ed and I are empty nesters, we left two of those chambers into guests rooms.
For one of those chambers I inserted the other, a more manly vibe feminine. The more manly room feels warmer and includes thick, soft and plush bedding. It has a king size bed and once we give guests the choice to stay in either room, they opt for the more cozy feel of the manly navy and green area.
The more feminine room is colorful, bright and cheery. It is comfortable, but the distance feels trendy along with the bedding is weight winter, as soon as the temps drop come. Perfect for summer, but not.
Over the holidays we’ll be hosting family and a few friends and I want both chambers to be comfy cozy. It was time to ramp up the cozy cozy factor in the feminine area.
I was just starting my search for new bedding to the bed in the room when I discovered that Kohl’s has a line of bedding made by CuddlDuds. Yes – the same company which makes sleepwear and underwear is bringing the same cozy comfort factor to your home.
The guest room has a down comforter and navy and green plaid flannel sheets. It has an excess layer of a throw at the conclusion of the bed for an afternoon nap.
I wanted to make layering and exactly the cozy feel of the bedding to the room that was feminine, but did not want to use the same color scheme, but envisioned plaid bedding.

To produce the bed in the guest room feel cozy and much more inviting, I layered the bedding. I bought a Red Khaki Plaid Comforter Set, mircofiber sheets along with a throw.


The comforter set came with the Let’s Get Cozy accent pillow, two shams along with a comforter.
I didn’t have to DIY anything! :–RRB-
Last weekend after getting the new bedding on the bed, I chose to sleep in the area to find out whether the room was comfortable or needed anything to make a guest feel at home.
The Way to Make Sure that a Guest Room is Comfy Cozy


Thoughtfully placed items of relaxation will make any space more welcoming. I made sure that the room had:
Enough light by the bed.An extension cable on both sides of the bed for phones to charge.Snack packs sizes of nuts, chips and fruit onto the dresser.Throw blanket at the end of the bed for an excess layer for snuggling.The WIFI password in clear view.Soft surfaces to sit on.Empty area in the cupboard for suitcases and to hang clothes if needed.Hooks to hang towels that are wet. Needed if the bath is going to be shared with different guests.Bottles of water.Night lighting in hallway. Helps guests navigate at night in an unfamiliar surroundings.
I was comfortable sleeping in the area and it was very pleasant waking up in the morning since the area gets the view of the lake at the home. :–RRB-
I like the snug feel of the CuddleDuds bedding and it has warmed up the space.
Along the back wall to the bedding color scheme I had created color canvases to make a vibrant accent wall.

For the winter months, I removed the”trendy” color canvases and kept the 3 warmer color canvases. I placed them to highlight the headboard.


Seeing how these colours look, has me considering painting the whole wall with one of those colours like I did at the guest room to make an accent wall.
That might not occur before the holidays, but I am considering doing this as it will increase the room’s hot, comfy-cozy factor.


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