Keep your Front Loading Washer Moisture Free

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A front-loading washing machine has gained increasing popularity in the recent few years despite their relatively high costs because they provide several benefits such as gentler washing cycle, low use of water, and substantially reduced time of drying the clothes. But, there is one significant potential drawback of this machine. The front-loading washing machine tends to accumulate moisture and unpleasant smells as well. Many machine manufacturer has largely eliminated this problem but if you’re an owner of the older model of the front loading washing machine and still facing the problem of molds, moisture, and unpleasant smell in your machine then you can take some simple steps to eliminate these problems hopefully completely.

Tips to keep your front loader Machine Moisture free

1.     Don’t close the doors of the washing machine between loads

If you close the door of your machine just right after you empty it. Remember that, you are essentially trapping moisture into it. But, keeping the doors open for just a couple of hours after getting your clothes out will provide you an opportunity to air out and dry the machine thoroughly.

2.     Empty your machine promptly when each machine cycle ends

When you put your wet clothes remain in your machine for hours after a washing cycle comes to an end then the moisture development increase naturally. Most of the front-loading machine comes equipped with a beeping sound or other mechanism design to alert you after every load is done. Hence, you can activate this function to ensure you to remind that come and get your clothes out from here.


Moreover, if you can’t put your clothes damp into the dryer so you have to remove them promptly. A hamper or a basket can provide you with temporary storage space for clothes.

3.     Periodically clean the interior of your machine

The front-loading machine can develop smell and moisture, as a result of this a gradual buildup of detergents residue. This problem mostly occurs when you somehow tend to add more detergents to your laundry loads than the recommended amount. However, you need to initiate your monthly cleaning routine. You can easily do the process of your cleaning session by running your empty machine through a hot water wash cycle. If you want the extra cleaning power of your machine then you can also add a couple of cups of bleach or vinegar into the machine detergent dispenser.


4.     Use the right type of detergent

Most of the front loading washer requires the use of HE (High Efficiency) detergents that produce fewer suds than the formulas of the traditional detergents. If you use the traditional detergents in the HE machines can lead to various problems including moisture and unpleasant smells. So, make sure to use the detergent that carries the distinctive white or blue HE level.


5.     Eliminate or minimize the use of liquid fabric softener

The residue from liquid fabric softener can build up inside your front load washer over time and accumulate the problem of moisture and smells. You should eliminate or minimize the use of liquid fabric softener to eliminate or minimize this problem.


If the basket of your front load machine leaks out around the door then there may be the problem of moisture in it. Make sure to dry the seal along with your washer to prevent moisture, unpleasant smell, and sticking around.


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