Remodeling Lesson: How to declutter your house?

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Are you bored from you’re your old-looking house? Need some changes? Or your house is full of stocks and furniture? The idea of living a simple life with less stuff attracts everyone and there are many benefits of owning fewer possessions. We know that it’s hard to move into action but once you declutter your house, you’ll get the new and modern way of living in your house. The other benefits of decluttering your house are there is less to clean, less to organize, less stress, less debt, more financial freedom, and lots more. Learn how to declutter your house in some simple steps with us. So, let’s get started…

Start with bedroom

Start with your nightstands and eliminate the things that don’t belong there including the books that you finished readings, pens & papers, eyeglasses that are broken and old, empty tissue boxes, chargers that don’t work, with other unused, waste and old stuff. Do the same with your dresser, and drawers. Try to take everything out drawer by drawer. Tackle the desk or vanity table next if it is also there in your bedroom.

Closet & Clothings

Now take a deep breath, it’s time to declutter your clothing and closet. The best way to tackle your closet is to declutter your clothing by type at first that means to start up with dresses, jeans, denim, boots, and then shoes, accessories, etc. put away the thing that is no longer needed to you. Take out any dirty laundry into the hamper or basket and laundry them afterward. Put the things separate that is needed to repair or should go to the tailor. Donate the clothes that you don’t use or the ones that don’t fit you anymore.


The Kitchen

Declutter your kitchen can be a challenging task for you because there is soo many different things to get rid of time-to-time. You can start decluttering your kitchen by focusing on one category of items at a single time such as utensils, glassware, bakeware, etc. or can be done by doing it in each part, zone, or section of the kitchen. Then concentrate on the countertops and finally takes out all the belongings that don’t require to store in the kitchen any longer.


The Living Room

The living room contains lots of useful items for our daily needs and though it is quite difficult to declutter the room. For the living room, you can decide on permanent storage space for the commonly used items such as books, remote control, and books. You should declutter the space of the living room on the regular basis. Now, move on to the electronic items, remove the things that are not connected to the home theatre or television if they aren’t working. At last, tackle the toys. Recycle or restore each toy that is not usable. Grab the dustbin and trash everything that belongs to another room such as the storeroom.

The Bathroom

The first start with our bathroom’s cabinet and drawers do a quick evaluation that what you use and what doesn’t. Remove the waste one and organize the other well at their places. Get everything out below from the shower or tub, and bathroom sinks. Throw the items that are empty or broken such as, shower gel, body wash, facewash, shampoo bottles, etc into the bin and clean the bathroom well to make it look new and fresh.



Try to do the declutter once at all as most of the people got inspired to start decluttering and set aside in a single day to do the complete house in one go. You should buy the storage before decluttering and leave the items laying around in it.


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