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Shelf styling can feel extremely daunting, whether you’ve got a little collection of books and accessories or are the proud owner of boxes and boxes of trinkets. To design the method easier, we’ve rounded up 11 key tips to stay in mind as you’re employed to keep your built-ins and bookcases look better than they ever have before. We’re happy to notice that styling this area of your home doesn’t need to be extremely costly, either, and have included some money-saving hacks along the way.


Cut the Junk

Strong shelfie features include many accessories but the key for such items is to be artful and well-curated. More isn’t always better if you discover yourself purchasing trinkets that haven’t any personal meaning solely for the sake of display, you’ll want to gauge this strategy. Additionally, some items may not be deserve being stored call at the open—that’s what closed cabinets are for. You can put that but stellar vase behind doors and call it a day.

Think Outside the Box When Shopping

Ceramics, candle holders, woven baskets, bust sculptures, cloches, and figurines all look beautiful in built-ins. If you’re keen on chinoiserie style, you’ll wish to look for items that support aesthetics, like Staffordshire dogs, foo dogs, or blue and white ginger jars.



Incorporate Some Books

You don’t want your built-ins and bookcases to solely feature accent pieces. Most folks have piles of books that require a home—so why not display your have titles on your shelves? Books also are instant conversation starters and may provide those that visit your home with a fast glimpse into your hobbies and passions. cocktail table books are often quite pricey when purchased new, so don’t be afraid to look through a second-hand bookstore or library sale to seek out some budget-friendly titles that appeal to you.

Shelf with varied book design

If you are doing prefer to display stacks of cocktail table books or novels on your shelves, keep things looking interesting by creating a couple of sorts of arrangements. It is often tempting to stack books horizontally in groups of three on each shelf, as this setup is usually very appealing visually, but don’t let yourself get too repetitive. Try stacks of two, four, or maybe five, if your shelf height allows. Stand some books vertically or you can always cap them off with artful bookends that add both personality and performance.


Spread Out Colors

On a related note, you’ll want to open up accessories and books of an equivalent color, which is more appealing to the attention. If you’ve got a couple of blue trinket boxes, for instance, place a few on one shelf and place the rest on a shelf located diagonally across. an equivalent rule applies to materials. Spread out your metals, glasses, and porcelains. You would like your shelving to seem sort of a well-planned display, not a neighborhood during a store where everything is sorted by color and sort.


Skip the Excessive Family Photos

Displaying one or two favorite snapshots is prey, but generally, it’s best to save lots of the family photos for additional space in your home instead of letting them survive your bookshelves. Outfitting your shelves with rows of framed personal photographs can look cluttered and dated—while we’re all for preserving special memories, we propose placing your frames on a petite table within the formal front room or hanging a gallery of images on the staircase instead.


Bookshelves can take up an honest chunk of land in your home and once they do, they become a focus. They demand attention. Before you get to figure on the way to style your bookcase, consider the location of your bookshelves themselves and the scale of them for your room to make them look at a perfect place.


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