Is lead Safe Remodeling Worth?

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Lead-based paint is poisonous. It had been commonly used on the interiors also because the exteriors surfaces and lots of homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint in them. Lead has also been used for several years in products found in and around our homes.

What makes Lead-based paint so dangerous?

The smallest lead dust particles can’t be seen but they will get into the body. The dust and chips from lead-based paint are dangerous when swallowed or inhaled especially to young children and pregnant women. Lead can affect the developing nervous systems of children and can cause learning disabilities and reduced IQ. Whereas high lead levels in adults can cause high vital signs, headaches, digestive problems, memory and concentration problems, kidney damage, mood changes, nerve disorders, sleep disturbances, and muscle or joint pain. A single, very high exposure to lead can cause plumbism. Lead also can affect the power of both women and men to possess healthy children.

Beware, all home repairs can create even a little amount of lead dust which is enough to poison your child and put your family in danger.


Common repair, painting, and renovating activities that disturb lead-based paint (like sanding, replacing windows, cutting, etc.) can create hazardous lead dust and chips which may be harmful to you and your family. As contractors renovating residential homes, The Cleary Company Remodel-Design-Build in Columbus Ohio plays a critical role in helping to stop lead exposure. This team of experienced professionals can test for the presence of lead and if found will prep a Jobsite and follow all lead-safe work practices. These steps can prevent lead hazards in many homes.

Contractor’s Perspective

Even though it costs money, electrical contractor and master plumber Robert says. But of the 40 people in our training class, I used to be one among few who thought that.” Robert estimates the law will add $500 to $1500 parturient costs, counting on the job’s size. The EPA estimates that the value for containment, cleaning, and verification will range up to $170 per job.


Consumer Advocate’s Perspective

Rebecca Morley is the executive of a nonprofit organization known as the National Center of Healthy Home that supports the RRP rule. Compliance with the law will protect 1.4 million children under the age of six and 5.4 million adults from dust exposure of lead, she says, citing an EPA statement. Morley says that the most poignant thing about plumbism is that you simply don’t see symptoms during a child until later in life that results in damage as permanent and irreversible.


Homeowner’s Perspective

Elizabeth Babbin of Bethlehem lives in a stone colonial house inbuilt 1930, Before the new rule took effect, she investigated lead risks to his son that was only 4 years old.  She says “I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be for regulation and I’m surprised there haven’t been stronger rules before this. She asked if she would pay the maximum amount as $1500 extra to suits RRP standards on an enormous remodeling job. A child’s IQ can drop I do not skill many points. you cannot put a price thereon.


Although the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule don’t apply to homeowners, repairing, painting, or renovating their own homes, you can try to do it yourself. These projects can easily create dangerous lead dust. Protect your family and residential, found out safely, control the dust and pack up completely.


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