Remodeling Lesson: Display Art Like A Pro

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Is the wall of your living room look empty? Are you thinking to redesign it with some ideas to make it beautiful so that the guests won’t blink their eyes from your walls? Why for the living room only? Why don’t you try it for kitchen walls or the bedrooms also?

Artwork is the best way to add color, interest, and life into a room but, perfectly displaying them can be stressful. We are going to guide you with our best bits of advice and tips to display your art in your home just like a pro. Let’s have a look at these ideas.

Decide where to hang Art?

First, decide that what are the perfect places in your room to hang the arts? Try to consider the wall space that is available and look at the arrangement of the room as well. Locate small pieces of art in between doors and windows because if they are large then the piece will look lost. The small art pieces will make the people step back and admire the work.


How to arrange art before hanging?

Don’t make yourself frustrated at the time of hanging and rehanging the arts. Instead, trace each piece of your art on the craft paper then label the tracing and cut it off. Draw an arrow on the paper to indicate that in which way the subject is looking if in case you’re hanging portraits. Use only painter tapes that help to arrange your art without giving your walls many holes.

Arranging Art in the Bedroom

Choose personal art for the bedroom always like your own photography or the family photograph. Stick all the art in one color theme either white or black if you’re arranging the piece in a grouping or all colored photographs. You can also unite the arrangement of art by choosing the frames in the same style, color, and finish.


Arrange Art above the Sofa in the living room

Art hanging in too high a place is one of the most common decorative mistakes. You should consider the center of the image right at eye level. People usually sit in the living room so, try to locate the artwork at the lower places. This is a good way to ensure that you’re placing the artwork at the correct height.

Arranging Art in the Kitchen

For the kitchen, you need to hang your arts where they won’t get damaged by the heat or water. You can consider the art above the command center, above the open counter space, or near the dining table. If you have a traditional kitchen then you can also try Vintage Art with traditional frameworks. While in the case of a modern kitchen, try stainless steel frames with bright colors.


Mix & Match Art Gallery

Gallery arrangements are the easy and quick solution for your blank walls. You can display your interest by including more than a framework. Try something new such as plates and vases in the entryways. This will also define the dimension of your display. Hang or put the most prominent piece in the center of the eye level and work outward.


You can consider your artwork on the shelves and furniture to display your art or can try to arrange art in odd numbers that will suits you the best at some places. Don’t hang lots of art on all the walls as it can give a messy look to your home. Try to go simple and attractive while hanging arts.


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