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Preparing for parenthood? We know how joyful you are for your bundle of joy. Have you decided how are you going to decorate your baby’s room? If not, here we are to give you some tips and tricks to make your baby’s room a place where he can be peaceful and feel relaxed. Newborn babies find it hard to adjust to the new environment and they are usually uncomfortable with the things around them. That is why decorating their room in such a way that they can feel comfortable is very important. Let get started with some useful tips.


Firstly, have a look at the dimensions and other things of the room. Check where are the electric switches and cupboards in the room and the window’s direction. Once you have checked everything, you can decide where to place the baby’s items.

The theme of the room

Choosing the theme is also an integral part. Many parents go with a pink or blue theme but you can choose the theme according to your choice. Nowadays, cartoon themes, wildlife themes are also trending. But, make sure to select the theme that can be used for a longer time, which means your baby must not outgrow it in just a few years.


Painting, Flooring, and lighting

After the theme, it’s time to decide the paint color of the room and the flooring too. The flooring of your baby room must be soft like a soft rug or carpet. For lighting, the baby’s room should be well illuminated and controlled at the same time. At times, your baby needs light to observe the things around, and sometimes, she needs pith dark to have a sound sleep. So, make sure the lights can be controlled accordingly.


Before buying the furniture, remember baby grows very fast and all the furniture you buy is going to be useless soon, so don’t go on buying everything you see in the market. Just buy the essential items. The main items are a cot, pram, bassinet, changing table, and almirah.  Afterward, you can find out your baby’s interest and buy items accordingly. You can also buy a play gym and treehouse later.


Baby proofing items

Safety comes first, so the room must be baby-proofed. Choose round-cornered furniture, electric board covers, the rods must be out of reach as they are a strangulation hazard. There should not be pillows on your baby cot as they can lead to suffocation. And most important one is a baby monitor.



This is the most loved part by many parents. Buying accessories for the baby room include toys, towels, bibs, bottles, bath toys, etc. Always a basket or a cabinet to store these things in the nursery.

Things to remember while designing the baby’s room

  1. Always use lights that are not harsh for babies like a warm pendant light.
  2. Use zero Volatile organic compound paints as they are harmless for the babies and smell good.
  3. Avoid placing loose items on the baby cot like toys, etc as they can be choking hazards.
  4. Always keep essentials stocked up because you will hardly get time for shopping after your baby arrives.
  5. The essential items for your baby’s daily needs are diapers, changing clothes, nappies, wipes, etc.


Planning a baby’s room can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You have to take care of many things and decorate the room accordingly. As parents, you always want to decorate the room the best way you can but don’t compromise with the baby’s safety.


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