Home interior style Guide: Defining decorating styles

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We all want a good-looking and attractive interior of our house but do we know about all the interior designing styles?  Different interior styles fulfill different purposes and you must have a proper understanding of each style before selecting one for your home.

If you are also bored with the same interior over years and want to switch. Let’s have a deep discussion bout the different types of interior design styles in detail.

There are more than 20 interior Styles but here will discuss the top 6 of them.


Interior Style 1#

Transitional Style

If you find traditional interior design too boring and contemporary design style too loud, then Transitional interior style is for you. It is the mixture of traditional and modern interior styles which offers your house a unique and stunning look. The transitional style is one of the most trendy things in the USA. You can use furniture, rugs, and other elements to create the perfect transitional look with minimal accessorization.

Interior Style 2 #

Traditional Style

If you love detailing, this style is for you. The Traditional interior style includes the chairs and tables made of dark wood with detailing work on them. This style usually uses silk, velvet, and linen for upholstery.  The chandeliers and wall cravings are also part of the traditional interior style. Matching furniture sets are a must for a traditional style.


Interior Style 3 #

Modern Style

The Contemporary interior style became popular during mid 20th century and many Americans love this style.  Contemporary interior styles require less decoration and use art as the main element. The furniture used in contemporary art is usually neutral and art contains bold colors. The paint hues used in this style are mostly natural or earthy.  The modern and most trendy pieces and rails are the important part of it. The Glass tables are the best suit for this style.

Interior style 4 #

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style is based on uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and sober finish. As the name suggests, the Minimalist style doesn’t have room for more items. There are lots of free spaces available in this style. The minimalist style focuses on textures and keeps the patterns away. The colors used are natural and the functional furniture is the main element here. Hidden storage is also an integral part of minimalist interior style that is why furniture also has hidden storage spaces.


Interior Style 5 #

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is also becoming very popular among Americans in the last few decades. The boho style is a free-spirited aesthetic style where all the cultures are mixed and creates a unique interior that emphasis on nature. This style uses bold patterns and bright furniture. In Bohemian style, the order is not necessary, you will find colors and patterns mixed confidently. Boho makes you feel nomadic and experience different cultures.

Interior Style 6 #

Coastal Style

It is not necessary to own a beach house to enjoy the coastal interior style. All you need is a proper sense of how to create it. The palate you use, your furniture, and your accessories create the coastal look. Neutral hues like white along with beige create a sand-like look, while the pops of blues create a sunny summer sky. Another important thing about coastal style is that your house must feel bright and breezy.  The windows are kept open and covered with a thin fabric used as curtains. You can use abstract paintings, blue glass pots, and striped wallpapers for creating this style. The Coastal style connects you the nature, so plants are also the essential elements here.


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