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There are hundreds of ways to earn money online. A little-known way to make a profit online is to test products. Simply put, they are going to pay you hard cash to try their products or services. The work is relatively straightforward. You try a product, give your opinion on it, get paid, and in most cases, you keep the product for free!

Without wasting your time, let check out some of the sites that offer these services.


YouGov allows you to earn money by giving your opinion easily and for free. It is a recognized opinion panel. Surveys have a standard duration of 15 minutes and do not usually exceed 25 minutes. The platform only makes payments through Amazon Affiliates. It is available for Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. But it is not available in Venezuela, even though you can use a VPN. Recommended platform for paid surveys in Spain.

Nielsen Panel

Nielsen is one of those few platforms where you will earn money for doing nothing. Just download the mobile application and use your devices in the usual way. The application will work in the background and collect general data (nothing private) in exchange for remuneration. You can download the application on different devices at the same time and earn up to $ 50 a year passively. The app is only available for the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.


Toluna Influencers is an online survey website, where we can get paid to review products for free. It has various forms of payment, including Amazon gift cards and payments through Paypal, depending on the region in which we are located. This page is available for Spain and some other Latin American countries. In addition, they offer two job options. The first is through surveys and the second through giving our opinion on some products that they send for free.

We just have to register by following the steps indicated on the page. We complete our entire profile. Then we click on the community, in the test area, and the products available to test will appear there.


Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-say is a very good option for Spanish testers. Ipsos is a company with a very good reputation. We can register on your page through Facebook or with our email. This page offers various surveys. Some of them have invitations to test the product physically and to be able to give our opinion. The more points we have, the more chances we have to participate in the draw.


Kuvut is another marketing platform where users will be able to test and give their opinions on products. This site works by campaigns, in which we can apply to be a tester. Campaigns help us earn points, which in the future will help us qualify for better campaigns. The number of products is limited, so to participate in their campaigns and to be able to test their products, you must have a good amount of points, according to the requirement of each campaign. Another way to win is to share content on social networks and play certain games that are available on their website.

To start working here we just have to register, and start participating in their campaigns.


Youzz is another important page in the world of testing, especially for those who live in Spain. This site has 4 levels, with which the tester will have greater opportunities to participate in better campaigns. Like the previous pages, it works with the scoring system. It offers 160 free points for filling in the complete profile. You have three ways to earn points. The first is by completing our profile and answering the questionnaires. The second is by giving good reports of the tested products. And the third is through the referral system.

Another important feature of this page is that we can register through our Facebook account. In addition, it offers many new trial products, that is, they have never been on the market before.



On this page, we will test websites, rather than physical products as such. The pay that Usertesting offers are quite high compared to other pages, nothing more and nothing less than $ 10 for each review we make, in which we only take approximately 20 minutes for each one. To work on this page we need certain requirements. A computer with Windows or Mac operating system. We must download their software with which we can record our screen while we are on the page. And a microphone with which we will describe our experience. Your payment method is through Paypal.


Inboxpounds is an extension of Inboxdollars founded in 2012. On this site, we can also get free products, to give our opinion to others. In addition, it has several ways to earn money. You can also use its application in the Play Store. This site is well received by the community of consumers of this type of application.


Pinecone Research is perhaps one of the most important websites for testers. With a very good reputation, Pinecone offers a payout of $3 for each free sample sent to us. Best of all, some of their products have never been released, so we’ll be the first to see them. This site establishes a certain time to respond to the survey after receiving the product. You only pay after you have answered the survey.

The tricky thing about this page is that you need an invitation link to register. But the fact that there are fewer users increases the chances of receiving free products. Commonly, it is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. And sometimes to users in Germany, Italy, and France.

Tips On How To Test Products And Earn Money

Be specific in your profile


Increase your points: Most of these sites work on a scoring system. The more points we have, the more likely we are to be the winners. That is why we must know how we can increase our points on each page.

Do not forget to give your opinion about the product: This is an extremely important part of the tester world. If we do not give our opinion on the product we receive, we will not be taken into account again. It is important to emphasize that the opinion or criticism has to be constructive.

Visit the website regularly: Some sites take into account how regularly we visit them. In addition, this allows us to be aware of new product offers, and surveys that will help us increase our score.

Create an exclusive email for this job: We also recommend creating an email dedicated only to testing. They will constantly be sending available offers to your mailbox. 

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis is that we can use their products in our day-to-day activities. If it is some food, we prepare it for lunch or dinner. If it is a cosmetic, we can use it, for example, when we do the shopping. But really, we don’t need to leave home to test their products. From our experience, this is a good way to earn money. We have confirmed that these pages deliver what they really promise. They ship the products, and they pay for each review we do. In addition, it is a good way that we can get items that we need in our home without investing even a penny.


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