New Paypal Offers: Samsung, Champion, ShoeMall, The Home Depot, and Wayfair make the list!

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Paypal is giving out amazing offers through its platform. These offers run for a specific time and most time expires before you even get to know about it. It is estimated that 5 out of 10 companies in the country will offer exclusive discounts and outstanding offers. So this is the perfect opportunity to make the purchases you’ve been waiting for throughout the year, from electronics, clothing, and beauty products to items to fuel your hobbies. To get the best out of it, take the following tips into account and make the most of this offer:

All offers are available on the Paypal official page

Make a shopping list.

Preparation is key to getting the best out of your purchases. You can start by drawing up a list of the products you want to buy on these dates, to keep them in mind when the campaign starts. Also, you can include the price before sales of the items that interest you. You will be able to have a clear vision to choose the best discounts and offers for the products on your list.


Get your digital wallet ready.

Prepare your digital wallet, associating your debit and credit cards, to pay more comfortably during sales, since you have the option of choosing between your payment methods for better control of your expenses. Remember that PayPal is a payment processor that allows you to pay quickly, easily, and safely. You only need to log in with your account and, in a few clicks, you will have paid for your purchase. In addition, PayPal has a Buyer Protection program * that supports you in case the purchase you made has a problem, for example, if your item did not arrive or is different from what is described. If you don’t have your PayPal account yet, you can create it here.

Look for special offers and discounts.


Although it is a season of great discounts and offers for you, you must pay attention to the special promotions that will be offered during the campaign, in addition to the additional offers offered by some payment methods. Do you remember your shopping list? Starting the campaign, take your list, look for the best offers and pay with your PayPal account.

Take Advantage of Interest-Free Months

Paying in monthly installments can help you facilitate monthly cash flow, regardless of the credit card you use; all this without missing the great opportunities that are offered. Remember that in addition to having these payment facilities, by using your PayPal account, you retain the rewards that your credit card offers you.


Take advantage of presales and flash sales.

Typically, pre-sales offer deep discounts, but in limited quantities. They are great opportunities to find the item that you needed or wanted so much at lower prices or with greater payment facilities. In addition to the pre-sale for this campaign, you will be able to enjoy new offers every day and flash offers with pre-defined time slots. Now is when you can get the most out of it, reviewing the offers for each day, in addition to investigating if there are additional discounts for payment methods, shipping costs, among others. In the end, choose the combination that offers the most benefits, buying the items you wanted.

Remember that in this HOT SALE, PayPal gives you more. You can pay in your favorite online stores and apps easily, quickly, and safely. The best offers, all the cards.


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