How to get free products for testing as more companies invest in getting feedbacks

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If you would love to be the first to try free products in the comfort of your home, subscribing to free gift and sample product testing might be the thing for you. Product development companies put a lot into work every month to create innovations, to give life to new formats, flavors, colors, and the scent of products. Be it fashion, perfumes, for babies, food, etc. They need to know if these products are accepted. by the public for their mass consumption, that is to say, that they buy them regularly.

That is to say, those products that companies will give you for free do not mean a loss of money for them if you give them an answer about what you sincerely thought of those products and if you would buy them again.

There are three ways to get free samples from the Internet and from your home that we will see on the websites where you can get free samples:

  • Sample websites: these are informational websites on the Internet that are in charge of collecting the different samples that they find on the Internet and publish them on their boards.
  • Testing agencies: these are companies hired by the creators of the products to contact users who wish to test their products and are in charge of obtaining their positive or negative responses from them.
  • Brands for testing: the same companies can open calls for testing their products.

Free samples websites

Sign up for the following free sample websites to be able to obtain products for free.


By accessing the mobile APP of Aliexpress, the marketplace giant for Chinese products, and clicking on its home page to “Freebies” you can sign up daily to the raffles for free products that marketplace sellers offer to obtain opinions of their products that recently have been put up for sale.



Daily Goodie Box is like Pinch Me (above) because they ship sample boxes too. But the boxes are sporadic, not monthly.

You can get up to ten samples in a box, and some of their samples come in full sizes. You are expected to provide feedback on the samples you test. Some say that you are more likely to be selected for charts if you are active in their Facebook Community.


Testerjob is a website dedicated entirely to product testing. It promises us free Amazon products, simply in exchange for an opinion from the user that applies to try these products. How about? It is very simple and they will give us 10 euros in exchange for each valuation.


In the SHEIN test center, the most famous clothing store of Chinese origin, you can also choose their products for free, although with a contest raffle, but daily there are many garments that you can choose and this gives you many chances to win. Simply register on the web and apply to the free raffle of all those products you want.



Mothers will love these free samples. This is Lillydoo a brand of diapers that allows you to get your trial pack for free. Just register on the web and select your baby’s size so that your samples can be sent home.


Correos Sampling is the website for free samples thanks to which the shipping company Correos provides a service to the companies that produce testing of the products they manufacture to find out if customers like them and if they would buy them after knowing their characteristics. You can register on their website and start receiving their products.


Amazon Prime is the Amazon marketplace program that we can try for 30 days and that includes all purchases with free shipping costs and also access to Amazon Prime and watch all the series and movies on its platform at no cost from the comfort of your home.



Product testing agencies present in different parts of the world frequently open calls to make groups of testers of the products that the brands send them. These products can be of many different types and it is only necessary to register on the web.


The Body Shop is an online store specialized in the sale of products to take care of our body, such as soap, creams, or serums. Periodically they make a product available to us to test it and you can receive it at home by registering in the form.


In Testclub you will find a multitude of products from which you can get free samples, both for beauty, such as perfumes, clothing, home, or baby. They also include raffles. You only have to access each product to find the participation instructions. 

Start receiving free samples at home with all the comfort and try incredible products before they go on the market! Keep reading our articles to find lots of interesting information to make your life easier. 


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