Best Tablets for Parents

Keep your little ones safe with these tablets.

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Best tablet for enhanced parental guidance

The tablet has been very helpful in classroom activities. It has been spotted in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classrooms, and has improved students’ ability to take notes, make sketches, and sort for resources online. Apart from being used in the class, tablets have also improved parent involvement in a child’s education to a certain level. With the tablet and indeed ICT, school students can collaborate more on classroom projects, and medical students can access relevant databases easily.


A study by Prof. Dr. Perihan SAVAS of the department of FLE, faculty of education, Middle East Technical University shows that prospective teachers can develop a more positive attitude toward the use of Tablet PCs in teaching EFL as they gain more experience in using these instructional tools. The study also showed that participants(students) developed a more positive attitude toward the use of Tablet PCs in relation to EFL as they gained experience in using Tablets.

It seems there are no cons as to the use of tablets. This is far from the truth. The use of tablets comes with a few negative impacts. These cons are heightened by the age of the end-user and the frequency at which the tablet is used.


Exposing one’s child to the use of a mobile device with an internet connection for lengthy hours can have an adverse effect on the emotional intelligence(EQ) of the child. Emotional Intelligence(EQ) is the measure of how well one can manage one’s emotions in a positive way to relieve stress and communicate with others effectively. The effects of early exposure to social media on emotional intelligence reveal contrasting results of positive and negative influences, with a majority of the effects being a negative influence. For kids, this might not be a risk worth taking, hence the need for parental guidance. Here are a few tablets with amazing parental control.

  • Fire 7 Kids Tablet
  • Fire HD 8 tablet
  • Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet
  • UJoyFeel Kids Tablet 7 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate
  • Apple iPad

Tablets can effectively be used for note taking, lightweight graphics, grading, preparing lectures, delivering classroom presentations, etc. It provides a simple way to integrate live and handwritten material with slides, it also increases collaboration between students. With all these features, one should be wary of the flip side, it is recommended that parents should guide their kids while exposing them to this piece of hardware at a tender age.


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