Benefits for Senior Citizens

Do you know what benefits you qualify for?

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All seniors around the country have saved some of our best resources for last so be sure to stick around for the end of this list. 


 We help millions of people save money and get free stuff.


 Senior Farmers Market nutrition program did you know that low-income seniors me be able to get coupons that can be used to get free food from Farmers Market. 



Insights and community supported agriculture program – this incredible program provides free food vouchers for low-income seniors who are at least sixty years old and to earn less than a hundred and eighty-five percent of the u.s. poverty guidelines in 2021; that’s $23,820 for one person or $32,227 for a couple. Apply with your local state agency, usually the one in charge of WIC or food stamps to the supplemental nutrition assistance program. This is the formal name for food stamps that can provide valuable food benefits to seniors. Although this program obviously isn’t limited to the program it does have special rules for people who are at least 60 years old.


 Qualify for a special simplified application called Lisa which makes it easier for seniors to get food benefits in 2021. The maximum SNAP benefit is $204 for an individual or $374 for a couple.

 If you have more people in your household you may be eligible for even more benefits.



Utilities assistance – utilities can be expensive but there are many programs that can help. These programs are operated by the states and are usually known as light or just heat with these programs you can receive hundreds of dollars sometimes that’s $4,000 towards your utility bills.


 Free legal aid – free legal aid organizations across the United States and help seniors with Benefits application legal counsel.



Health Care advocacy. These Services include Meals on Wheels aarp’s legal counsel for the elderly serving our seniors and more we have a list of free legal aid programs in your area at low income. 


1/5 property tax exemption property taxes can be very stressful especially when they increase the value of your home. Fortunately many states offer property tax exemptions for seniors. We have a list of areas that are exempt.



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