Federal Financial Assistance Programs

Are they worth it?

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Now if you have some credit card debt or going to other types of debt you can go to hud.gov and type in the office of housing counseling and you’ll see a map of the United States. 


They also deal with other types of debt and the trick here is to call them make sure to physically pick up the phone and call them and explain your situation at the very least they will tell you what your best option is, and there’s a good chance we’ll have a program to get the debt off of your back. 


What if you haven’t bought a house and you want to buy one, there’s programs for that as well processes for the American dream down payment initiative also known as ADD.


It will provide up to $10,000 for you to cover closing costs or a down payment on a house. A safe Federal program is also State programs local programs, City programs, County programs, and the best place to find these has to go to your state Housing Authority. Which is the National Council of State housing agencies and then clicking on your state and you’ll see a bunch of programs or just click on them and then you’ll see whatever they have that applies to your particular situation.



There’s free closing cost money, there’s free down payment money, money to fix up your house if you need to repair your roof or you need to add on to your house or anything like that there’s basically free money for basically any situation that you have that involves your house. 


Most of it just stays there untouched or rich people who actually know about it because they know politicians end up applying for it and getting it the one for fixing up your house. For instance, the US Department of energy weatherized assistance program. 


Student debt is the next thing they can be fixed by government grants. They’re a bunch of businesses out there that will charge you 502 even more than $1,000 to do what I’m about to show you so pay attention.



  1. Go to studentaid.ed.gov repay loans. 
  2. Go to http / / wwn clc.org 
  3. Go to consumerfinance.gov and search repay student debt.


 All of these are very very good programs that can help you out when it comes to paying off your student debt.  The next one on the list is an organization that will help you find a really good job and it’s going to be servicelocator.org. 


You put your ZIP code in there and it’ll give you the number to the local office so you can contact and they will help you find a very good job.



It isn’t just for jobs actually they will also help train you and valuable skills that you can use to get an even better job they’ll pay you up to $8,000 in order to train yourself.


 If you want a small business they’ll pay you even more in order to train your employees and at number one on the list is going to be the Small Business Development Centers and these guys are just awesome. They’re all around the country in the hope you start a business, grow a business, and help you with taxes accounting, sales scaling, just about anything that you can think of.


Getting financing for your business will help you with anything you can think of when it comes to starting or expanding a business. They are an awesome resource for anybody no matter how experienced you are. The website you can go to is aspdcdus.org in the stands for the American Small Business Development Center in the United States.


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