Comparing Auto Insurance Rates Effectively

Shop smarter not harder.

by author

Getting quotes from auto insurances could feel like you’re the least knowledgeable party in the conversation. Knowledge is power in every situation, and having insight into what other insurance companies are charging is a card you want in your hand any day.


Major insurance providers want you to reach out to each one of them so that you don’t have the necessary insights to negotiate. Pretty much a “not made to fit industry”. That’s not necessarily true


Every rate differs depending on your region. They are tied to your zip code and since you have that information you can literally get insurance companies to compete to give you the best rate. Narrowing down your search to the most reliable sources is a strategy you should be implementing at all times. 


The question is what is your client profile? Are you currently insured or uninsured? Are you looking to save money, get better coverage, or are you just curious to find out more. 



Not all auto insurance customers are the same. It can be as customizable as your own vehicle and driving history. 


Once you have identified your customer profile, you can go about finding the best rate. The issue is finding the correct source for your rate. Most sites that offer multiple insurance rates in minutes don’t take into consideration your customer profile and are only trying to shove those rates down your throat. 


I’ve done a bit of research and have found several sites that can provide quality rates for you. Quotza and are some of these sources.



These sites tend to break down your customer profile and match you with insurance companies that are actually considering where you stand in their rates. 


These are extremely time saving during the auto insurance purchasing process. Literally, saving you countless hours in the process. Speedy, accuracy, and reliability are all characteristics of a solid auto insurance source.



You want to do that. We have had great results with them and recommend them to our friends and family that might be as knowledgeable in the topic.


A third party is usually associated with negative service sentiment. The truth is that if the third party can help you find licensed and serious insurance agents, then they are a helping hand.


Increasing your chances of finding the best policy for you and your vehicle. Don’t stress over changing your auto insurance policy, rather be smart about how you go about it and land that plan that you truly need. 



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